Are you one of those people who think that learning is difficult? One of the hardest parts about learning a new skill is getting started. Data science can be intimidating and scary at first. Yes, it's true: there are many things to learn - statistics, mathematics, programming - this can be overwhelming.

Based on my experience, the best is to start with a small project to get the taste of it. One small step at a time, a few small steps each day, and we can learn complex topics over time.

We all define success in a different way. For me being successful is to do what I love to do.

Yet, we are all encouraged by completing successful tasks or projects. To complete data science project you need to perform 5 important steps:


  • Idea & concept
  • Understand data
  • Solve the problem
  • Present it
  • Keep it simple, stupid!

Does it seem simple enough? No! I know, because I've been there. Knowing is not enough, we need to practice. Only by practice can confidence and expertness be assured. To start, pick one topic, project or idea, and just start it.

What could be better than a fun visualization that can be shared with friends? A simple project to gain confidence and boost you learning process:

Good example of successful presentation is the following reddit example:

I haven't seen GOT myself but I love how according to viewers and ratings they built a beautiful airplane and then flew it right into a mountain wall.

Game of Thrones - user ratings s8 - worst, e9 best

One of the most desired requests for learning materials we see at Data Scientyst is about data science projects.

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