Welcome to DataScientYst!

welcome to datascientyst
Our mission is to simplify Data Science and make it accessible for everyone.

We believe that complicated subjects don't have to be intimidating. Learning can be easy with the right information and maybe a bit more patience. You don't need formal education to learn and you can always learn something new.

Is DataScientYst for you?

DataScientYst.com was created to help people who would like to enter the vast world of Data Science.

It could be perfect for you if you are:
 - A student starting to learn Data Science or related subject
 - A scientist who would like to use Data Science in his hobby/work
 - Curious person who would like to understand our world better
 - Data Scientist who would like to practice more and master the subject

Why datascientYst?

Exactly - because of the "Why?". It's our internal joke so let me explain - we changed the spelling of "scientist" to "scientYst" because "Y" represents the question "Why?". Data Science is about extracting knowledge and insights from data. Often knowledge is related to asking questions.

Often Data Science projects starts by asking questions and answering them. So "Y" reminds us to stick to the origins.

Socrates who is credited as the founder of Western philosophy created the Socratic method of questioning!
Did you know that Socrates mentored Plato! Plato mentored Aristotle in philosophy! Aristotle mentored Alex the Great! Alex founded Alexandria....The Great Library of Alexandria

The "Y" is also related to important skills for Data Scientists like:

  • curiositY
  • storY telling
  • strategY
  • TechnologY

Our story

datascientyst story Hi, I'm Johny!

I've started working with data back then in 2005 when I was a student in the university. I remember what I was thinking during a lecture for RDBMS - "Why should I care about this? I probably won't need it in the future... ". Nope - I was totally wrong about that. Several months later I've started job related to Oracle DB.

My second jobs was also heavily related to DB, data validation, data migration.

I've started blogging since 2017 on topics like Java, Python, SQL and Linux. I was writing articles and making videos. Initially it was started as a personal lab diary. Creating bread crumbs for my IT knowledge.

But I've realized one thing – that I really like to help other people. Soon it become my passion to share knowledge and help people learn faster.

My current job is also related to data

  • Data Quality
  • Collection
  • Analysis

Yeah..I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I've learned a lot. So I would like to share that experience with other people.

There is a lot to learn in Data Science, and Data Science is definitely not easy. But it gets better with practice!

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