Learn Data Science in simple steps

The website is organized in different modules based on smart organization . The guides go over the basics and have many practical examples.

Each module starts with basics of the subject. In the next tutorials are covered advanced problems which can not be solved by reading the basic documentation.

The goal is the reader to advance in small steps and learn all needed knowledge before diving into harder problems.

The materials are based on research about what is used in Data Science. Common problems and pitfalls of Pandas are collected and presented in the course.

Learn by practice

The best way for me of learning is to:

  • learn in small chunks
  • apply the new material
  • think on hard problems

Data Science is all about analyzing and solving hard problems. While the tool is important, the mindset of the data scientist is the core.

I believe that Pandas will help you faster to enter the Data Science field while working on real world problems.

The fuel of the 21st century is data which is another area where Python is great - collecting and scraping data from various sources.

Modules and Activities

The home page is organized in a way to separate and group:

  • Pandas functionality
  • Data Science techniques
  • Activities

Pandas functionality cover many areas and methods like:

  • sort_values
  • value_counts
  • filter
  • drop_duplicates

Data Science techniques are present in several sections like:

  • text processing
  • time series
  • data cleaning

Finally the site has activities like:

  • challenges
  • exercise
  • extra learning materials like cheat-sheets

Open and free

All materials are open for everyone and free for use. There's no plan to restrict the access to the materials.

Good luck!