In this short tutorial, you'll see the steps to convert DataFrame to JSON without backslash escape in Pandas and Python.

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Suppose we have the following DataFrame:

Name Age site
0 Alice 25
1 Bob 30
2 Charlie 35

Here is the result of the conversion with to_json() with option orient='records':


We get a valid JSON file but with extract backslashes:


To convert Pandas DataFrame to JSON file without backslash escapes:

formatted_json = df.to_json(orient='records',lines=True).replace('\\/', '/')

This will replace all additional backslash escapes with:


To store the JSON data as a file without backslash we can do:

print(formatted_json, file=open('data.json', 'w'))

We can get this result without lines=True:

"Name": "Alice",
"Age": 25,
"site": ""
"Name": "Bob",
"Age": 30,
"site": ""
"Name": "Charlie",
"Age": 35,
"site": ""